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The book is a story of the two most important protagonists in the IT business, who work together to help each other in achieving their specific goals through common means: buyer and supplier. This book brings out the subtle differences between different types of suppliers and buyers in the IT services industry, based on their objectives, offerings, and priorities.

The book questions the status quo and prescribes 7 “C” principles based on simple observations, which will take you on a journey that you all can relate to and enjoy.One can have many collaborations in a lifetime; the one that reins high is the one where the best of both comes out and complements each other. The outcome is magical, not only for our protagonists but for the world to see and benefit from.

Just finished reading your book Alok. I liked in particular the way you used simple English, billeted points. What I particularly loved was your usage of a wide variety of historical examples of well known stories to illustrate your points; case in point is the David and Goliath story – I loved the way you also gave the scientific explanation to how David succeeded. Well done – interesting read and look forward to your next one! Praksah Chellam - Partner at Marathon Edge LL

What I love about the book, in the I.T. world there is a very special and delicate relationship between Buyer and Supplier. There are different types of Buyers and Suppliers and they interact with each other in very specific ways.If you read this book, if you are in I.T,industry or for that matter any other industry as well, you can get better advantage whether you are a buyer or supplier, of the relationship.It’s a very interesting book, where it takes an unique angle, which I have never heard before. Raymond Aaron

Publisher and New York Times Best Selling Author

Fasttrack I.T. Journey

How to Move From Supplier to Partner

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