Fasttrack I.T. Journey

How to Move From Supplier to Partner

The book is a story of the two most important protagonists in the IT business, who work together to help each other in achieving their specific goals through common means: buyer and supplier. This book brings out the subtle differences between different types of suppliers and buyers in the IT services industry, based on their objectives, offerings, and priorities.

The book questions the status quo and prescribes 7 “C” principles based on simple observations, which will take you on a journey that you all can relate to and enjoy.One can have many collaborations in a lifetime; the one that reins high is the one where the best of both comes out and complements each other. The outcome is magical, not only for our protagonists but for the world to see and benefit from.

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About The Author

Alok R Tripathy is a Senior Director. He has been associated with IT Industry for last two decades.

Alok has started his career in software development and moved through ranks in pre-sales and sales. Alok has worked with different clients in Retail, Telecom, Financial Industry and Insurance across Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, France and UK.

Alok had published a paper on Emerging trends in Payment Security, back in 2009, for HSBC Asia Pacific yearbook.

Alok is based out of Edinburgh. Alok holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Calicut, India. Alok loves traveling.

Fasttrack I.T. Journey

How to Move From Supplier to Partner

Future is Beautiful

The world is so beautiful for everybody. So, let’s enjoy the moment. If we cannot dream big or different, it will never be a reality. Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.

You have been FAANGed

Never has there been, in the history of technology, a period as exciting as now. We are in a phase of evolution where, with every passing day, the importance of the Industrial Revolution, back in the nineteenth century, is diminishing, with the new revolution of Artificial Smartness being introduced to the machines.

The Conundrum – Service Provider

It’s all the more ironic that even after 50 years of existence, IT services is often misunderstood and is trivialized to staff augmentation.

Transformation Journey

A mutual, ongoing relationship between a buying firm and a supplying firm involving a commitment over an extended time period, and entailing a sharing of information as well as sharing of the risks and rewards of the relationship.

Customer Centricity

Extending the same argument on customer adoption and stickiness, when the consumer or customer trusts a brand or is being loyal, then the features (What) become less relevant. It’s more of a subjective choice of how you feel, and whether you believe in the brand or supplier.


Communication is the bedrock of any relationship. The success of a relationship depends on mutual trust, mutual benefit, and consistent reassurance. Communication is the most effective tool to express reassurance; hence, a confident relationship is built with time.


Innovation is the buzz-word, and it challenges the intelligentsia on both the buyer and the supplier side. Time and again, I have highlighted the importance of those baby steps of incremental creativity to bring in innovation at every interaction or moment of truth.


Commitment is an assurance provided by both parties to each other through a series of tangible actions, which can help each other grow and also safe-guard in adverse market conditions. It embodies trust, transparency, and sharing.


70% of the skills present today were not there in the pre-Internet era. The same pattern can be predicted, due to the adoption of automation in the last 30 years, and some of the jobs have been obsolete as machines can do them; however, there is a flux of new skill sets that have evolved, which were non-existent then.


In a conducive environment, with the highest level of collaboration, even without any individual star performer, throughput can be of the highest standard.


Collaboration breeds ideas, which may or may not result in a favourable outcome; hence, failure needs to be managed gracefully. Whoever is the leading partner, should demonstrate enough maturity to take the positives out of failure to practice a culture of comraderies rather than blame game.


Time is the most vital investment in any relationship. In the pursuit of a goal, the amount of time and effort we put in determines the outcome. Irrespective of a romantic link-up or a professional relationship, both the parties have to invest in time for each other


It’s natural that some of the feedback may not be constructive all the time. There is inherent risk of information sharing between two organizations, which might not be relevant or confidential. Depending on the maturity of the supplier personnel, the nature of feedback could be personal or incorrect as there could be lack of awareness of the prime objectives of partnership.

Lead or being led

A successful partnership brings in new possibilities and newer challenges. It’s contagious; so celebrate, praise, motivate, and look for a new frontier to challenge yourself and the team.

Fasttrack I.T. Journey

How to Move From Supplier to Partner

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